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Customer Service/Warranty

The following is the warranty policy of Koenig Knives, LLC:

Koenig Knives are designed for supreme durability and longevity.  That being said, they are composed of earthly materials that are subject to wear and tear.  All of our knives are covered by a lifetime repair/replacement warranty and are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defects.  Any Koenig Knife can be returned at any point in its life for repair or sharpening, the customer, however, will be liable for shipping and return postage.

This warranty does not apply to knives that are subject to uses beyond our design intent and/or excessive abuse (i.e. prying or pounding).  All replacements/repairs will be issued at our discretion.  Disassembly of any Koenig Knife will void the lifetime warranty.  

Should a problem arise which requires disassembly for repair, Koenig Knives will execute the necessary maintenance, free of charge.

Seller agrees that the warranty will be voided if there are any modifications to a knife or knives even if done by a dealer.

Please click this link to contact us regarding warranty issues.